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Anybody Like Me

From the day I began seeing clients to over a decade later, two common themes emerged. The first is, “do you understand what I’m saying?” And the second is, “do any of your other clients feel like this? Do you think other people have had this same feeling?”

The answer to both questions is a resounding yes. Yes, I absolutely hear what you’re saying. I may not understand in a celluar deep down sense of “I have had that same experience” but I definitely hear you. Loud and clear. On some level, I get it. And guess what? A lot of other people feel this way too. You might not know them- because sometimes we hide or feel we need to hide a lot of our lives- both pain and joy. You might not know them- because sometimes there really is no one down the street or in our lives who does feel the same way or is going through a similar situation. On Anybody Like Me, you can find others who may have a similar story to share. I hope if you don’t find your exact story, you still find a place to connect to others’ stories and incredible journeys.

Melissa’s blog, Anybody Like Me, is dedicated to people sharing their stories- in particular, sharing stories of situations and experiences that have led them to ask, “is there anybody out there like me?” In hope of connecting people, Anybody Like Me is here for you to share your story, or read someone else’s. A lot of human experiences are shared in many ways, and Anybody Like Me is a way to connect through other’s anonymous stories. Check out our blog today and find connection.