Telehealth Services

We continue to welcome new clients to schedule appointments with the best match within our group. All of our appointments are virtual: care when you need it, on your terms.

At Frey & Associates we have found that both our clients and clinicians genuinely enjoy, and prefer, telehealth services. Why telehealth? Click the button below to learn more about why we provide our services virtually.

Please reach out to see if we can be of help getting you scheduled with one of our clinicians, or if we can connect you to additional resources. We strive to respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible.

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Today's Appointments

If you have appointments today they will be listed below.

Christina today at 08:00am
Timi today at 09:00am
Ross today at 10:00am
Sherlyn today at 11:00am
Lauren today at 01:00pm
Rachel today at 02:00pm