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We know you have hundreds of options for therapists, and know you want to find a therapist who is a good match for you. Read on to see with whom we do our best work.

We work best with people who are either new to therapy, or have previously been to a therapist but are looking for a therapist who is more direct and solution oriented than their previous therapist.  We understand you’ve reached out for help because you want feedback and we want to offer it, so we tend to work well with people who are open and motivated. While every appointment is unique, our clients usually report feeling better after their first appointment because they are working towards developing a plan and steps to take to move forward with achieving their goals in future appointments.

Some clients want to know about our education, licenses and advanced training. We were supervised for thousands of hours and worked in a variety of settings before we arrived in this office. If you are interested in our education and training, please read more below.


Melissa A. Frey, LCSW

Melissa received her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (go badgers!), during which time she spent a year studying at the Universidad de Sevilla in Seville, Spain.  Following this, she received her Master’s degree from the University of Chicago-School of Social Administration where she was awarded the Jane Mullenbach Moore Scholarship.

After finishing her Master’s degree, she completed a post-graduate fellowship in evidence-based psychotherapy at Rush University Medical Center where she received advanced training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy. Upon completion of her first fellowship, Melissa was one of two social workers chosen nationally to complete a second fellowship in trauma treatment, psychotherapy, and treatment protocol development.  Melissa also completed Executive Leadership Training at Harvard University.  Following this, she spent the next five years as lead clinical supervisor and clinician in the Department of Neurology at Rush University Medical Center.

When not in the office, Melissa loves being outdoors (running, yoga, and, perhaps embarrassingly, roller blading). She loves to read, listen to new music and podcasts, and travel. Melissa’s clients describe her as direct, genuine, compassionate, and dedicated to her work.

You can read more about Melissa’s clinical interest of reducing isolation and the power of collective storytelling here on her blog. She conducts interviews about experiences that people have had throughout their lives and asks for what advice and feedback they would offer to others.

You can read one of Melissa’s interviews here: How to support a loved one with depression

You can also find more information about Melissa via her profile on Psychology Today.

IMG_3774Judy Cohan, LCSW, ACSW 

Judy received her undergraduate degree from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and then received her Master’s degree from the University of Illinois. She has advanced certifications in divorce mediation, pediatric bioethics, family therapy, aging, and adult learning.

Judy strives to create a safe place to help clients discuss their needs, identify goals, and create a plan to take the steps necessary to achieve their objectives. While we cannot change difficult circumstances from the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve current challenges in life. Judy bases her work on the Japanese concept of “kaizen” which emphasizes continuous improvement by taking small steps that may have the greatest impact.

Judy’s practice includes work with individuals, couples, and families who experience challenges in their relationships, anxiety, depression, chronic illness and the formation of new behaviors and habits, as well as “letting go” of habits and behaviors that no longer seem effective.  Additionally, Judy has extensive experience in working with people who want to focus on stress management techniques to help achieve balance in their busy lives. She is trained in EMDR, as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Judy finds joy in being a lifelong learner who is constantly taking in the world through reading, classes and experiences.  Her clients describe her as empathic, non-judgmental, and solution focused.

CKoskiewicz 2Cynthia Koskiewicz, LCPC, CADC

Cynthia received her undergraduate degree from Northern Illinois University and her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University. Cynthia is both a licensed clinical professional counselor and a certified alcohol and drug counselor, which is an additional certification she earned in order to best help clients navigate creating new habits surrounding drinking and substance use.

Cynthia does her best work with clients who are facing substance use concerns, dual diagnoses (for example: targeting substance use, as well as anxiety and/or depressive symptoms at the same time), couples in transition. Cynthia also enjoys working with individuals facing major life transitions and major life transitions, including but not limited to: divorce, separation, loss, empty nest, loss and career changes. Cynthia utilizes Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and is happy to discuss which modality might work best for you.

Cynthia’s clients describe her as positive, funny, non judgmental, and warm. When not at the office, Cynthia loves being outdoors, particularly around the lake.

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Becky Price, LCSW

Becky attended and graduated from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon where she majored in Psychology. Becky then returned to her hometown of Chicago, Illinois to join her family’s manufacturing business. She spent four years doing Human Resources and Product Development until she realized that car mats were not, in fact, her passion and that she was destined for a different path.

In reflecting on a new path, Becky decided that working with people is what really brings her great meaning. Thus, she ended up at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work, where she focused on the clinical track with a concentration in marriage and family therapy.

In order to round out her education and clinical experience, Becky attended a two-year, post-graduate program in Marriage and Family Therapy at Denver Family Institute. She spent several years working for the Denver Family Therapy Center, where she ran and eventually served as lead therapist for the Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP), an Intensive Outpatient program working with teenagers and their families.

Becky describes herself as warm, inviting, and non-judgmental. She is genuine and direct in her approach to her work. She wants her clients to know that she is the same person in session as she is in her everyday life- not a blank slate but rather an engaging person invested in her client’s well being.

Wolf_DanielleDanielle “Dani” Wolf, LCSW

Dani received her undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in Human Development and Family Studies and holds a Master’s degree from the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration.

In addition to working in private practice, Dani currently works as an outpatient social worker in the Department of Social Work and Community Health at Rush University Medical Center. Dani approaches her work with clients through a Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic approach with pediatrics, adults and older adults. In addition to using CBT evidence based approaches, Dani also uses mindfulness practices into her work with clients. Dani’s clinical interests including with a range of presentations including mood disorders, anxiety, health issues, chronic health issues, loss, life-transitions, and trauma.

Dani describes herself as warm, compassionate, and detail oriented. Dani is very dedicated to her work with clients and strives to understand exactly what brings a client into her office and how she can best work her clients to achieve their goals. When not in her office, Dani enjoys practicing yoga and traveling.